A hiding place

This is the beginning of a new adventure…a trip of sorts…one that I hope will allow me to have a voice in a world that is full of ears to hear. I am setting out to the vast unknown to vent and release; pour out my heart, a heart that has been broken through daily trials. I am no different than many other people in huge world of ours….I am just one woman looking for a place to hide.

Why the hiding? I am a public persona..nobody famous, just a person who knows a lot of people and can’t seem to find a friend. At least one close by…..my best friend is across the state and we speak by phone nearly every day but it is not the same.

My world is full of many people who take the very breath away from me…not in the good way but in the exhausting sense…..each one of them need something from me, rarely do I have peace. SO since I love to write and blog here I am. This is my secret Blog…hidden in public without any connection to the real me. There will be no links to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media…this is a non social …social blog. I hope to just flow along, writing my thoughts, truthful thoughts for the world to read, just not anyone I know …personally.

Ahhhh! I feel safe already. My first starting point is ….Why the hell did I have all these kids? Really the sex was great but who knew they would end up driving me crazy….what is their problem…grow UP already!!! This life of being a drug addict and living upstairs is ridiculous….Do you not want more for yourselves? Why did I ever allow it? I was strong in the parenting skills..when did I get lazy and why in heck did I not kick your whinny rears out way back when……

Ugh motherhood!!!! Help…….send the firemen or someone….was jail not enough for you idiots?

Maybe I am writing a slam book instead…I don’t know but it feels good getting it said….

ok done with that rant…….have a nice day!

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